21 Ways to Save Money this Year

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Money has a habit of just running away from us. It’s all the little things. The secret bacon butties in a morning and the occasional coffee stops. The takeaways and work week Lunches. It all adds up and when you do add it up – it isn’t pretty. 

So here’s a list of all the things you can do to save yourself some extra cash this year. Happy saving! 🙂

  1. Use a cashback site such as Top Cashback when shopping online 

  2. Never buy anything full price. Find a voucher or discount code!

  3. Don’t rush into purchases. Wait a month and if you still feel like you need it, then buy it. 

  4. Pay a little extra for annual passes to local attractions so that you can visit again and again without the extra cost. 

  5. If you can manage without the car, then sell it! Get a monthly or annual public transport pass instead. 

  6. Pack up your lunch

  7. Create a budget

  8. Use a meal plan

  9. Wash your car yourself

  10. Clean your windows yourself

  11. Limit how often you eat out

  12. Buy second hand

  13. Don’t buy branded items, get the supermarket own – it’s exactly the same!

  14. Buy gift cards from Zeek and pay less for them!

  15. Take on a lodger if you have a spare room

  16. List yourself of air BnB if you have a spare room

  17. Car share with a colleague 

  18. Downgrade to a smaller house which costs less

  19. Cut your grass yourself 

  20. Bulk buy when you see a great bargain

  21. Call your utility providers to see if you can get a reduced price

I hope you find some of these ideas helpful, and if you do, please pin me! 

Let me know if you have any other ideas for saving, I’m always looking out for better ways to save.