How to Create Quality Content your Audience Actually Wants to Read

It can be hard when you’re just starting out blogging and you’re still finding your feet. One thing I struggled with was what on earth to write. I knew I wanted my content to be related to personal finance but how did I figure out what people wanted to read? What problems were people facing? What information did they need to know? How could I help them? 
I found that actually imagining my ideal reader really helped me figure all of this out. Don’t worry, I talk you through how to do this.

Creating your Ideal reader

For this, you need to use your imagination a bit. I actually quite enjoyed this. They can be whoever you want them to be! What’s their name? Where do they live? Do they work? 
You need to create every little detail about their life. They could be a single parent struggling to find a way to feed their children healthy home cooked meals every night when they work full time in an office job and don’t drive. They’re not getting home until 6pm and the kids are starving. Then they read your blog and get some great tips on freezer meals and pre preparing their food. Yay! You solved their problem. 
Maybe your reader is stuck in a dead end job in a retail store with no experience in business administration but they’d love to work in an office 9-5pm. They can’t afford to leave work and do training and they couldn’t afford to drop down to an apprentice wage. They haven’t had an interview for 6 years and they haven’t even updated their CV since they first started working in retail. Then they find your blog and it tells them exactly what their CV should look like. They’ve used a template you provided and got themselves an interview! Wahoo. Now they’re reading your post on how to ace their interview and they’re well on their way to a happy career. 
So do you get the jist? My ideal reader is called Emily. Who is yours? 
Now I know you may be thinking what has creating an imaginary reader done to help me get actual readers!? 
Well now that you have her/him, you can think of them whenever you’re writing a post. Address your blog posts to them. Keep asking yourself, how will this help them? I promise you, you’ll be creating more quality content that your readers will want to read! You’ll bring more of the right people to your blog by writing about what is actually important to your audience. 
But that isn’t all I do to create content which is valuable to my readers. Another thing I highly recommend is going to the Facebook groups or forums where your ideal audience hang out. Look at what they’re talking about. Maybe they’re asking some questions to their peers after not being able to find out the answer themselves. This is where you jump in. You take that question and turn it into a blog post. You can bet your bottom dollar that hundreds of others are asking that question too and now you have provided quality, free content which your audience will actually want to read. 
By using these methods you can come up with an endless amount of blog post ideas! 
Once you’ve created your ideal reader and made a list of questions you’ve found in groups and forums. Sit down and think of 30 new blog post ideas. I bet it’s be super easy now you know how. 
Good luck! If you found this post useful, please share it so others can find it too. Thank you!