How I froze the interest on my debt and reduced payments to a more affordable amount.

So many of us are in incredible amounts of debt and just can’t seem to find a way out. We take out more credit to pay off the debts we already have and the vicious circle continues. 

What if I told you it didn’t need to be this way? That you don’t have to struggle with debt forever. There’s a way of working with your debts to make them fit in with your budget, making it much more manageable. 

Credit lenders want the debt re-payed. They don’t usually care how long that takes or how much they’re getting each month. They just want the money one way or another. 

What I did – I wrote to all of my credit lenders and explained our situation. At the time, my husband had taken a drop in pay, he relied on the car for work and the car needed major work doing to it. We couldn’t afford the repayments we were able to pay before. 

Doing this reminded me that behind those letters, are real people. Everyone was incredibly lovely and offered to freeze credit interest for a period of time and reduced the amount I had to repay each month. It made a huge difference and allowed us to pay off more of the actual debt because they weren’t dumping a massive interest payment on top each month. 

If you’re struggling with your minimum payments, don’t take out any more credit until you’ve spoken to your lenders and seen what they can do to help you.